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Overseas Fulfillment

Allows businesses to sell products to Chinese consumers from outside of China. This store type is typically used by businesses that do not have a physical presence in China and want to sell directly to Chinese consumers.

Nextplat has partnered with Tmall to provide US companies a turn-key solution to sell in China

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Overseas fulfillment store

Key Features

Here are some key features of a Overseas Fulfillment store (CBEC):

Cross-border logistics and clearance:

Tmall Global provides businesses with cross-border logistics and clearance services, which allows businesses to ship their products directly to Chinese consumers from outside of China. This can help businesses reduce their logistics costs and simplify their supply chain management.

Simplified store setup:

CBEC stores have a simplified store setup process compared to flagship stores, as businesses do not need to provide as much customization or branding.

Lower barriers to entry:

CBEC stores typically have lower requirements for brand reputation and sales volume compared to flagship stores, making it a good option for smaller businesses or new brands that are just entering the Chinese market.

Customer service support:

Tmall Global provides customer service support for CBEC stores, including handling customer inquiries, returns, and disputes. This ensures that businesses are able to provide a high level of customer support to Chinese consumers.

Marketing tools:

CBEC stores have access to various marketing tools and services, such as targeted advertising, promotions, and influencer campaigns. This helps businesses increase their visibility on the platform and attract more customers.

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Four-step onboarding

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Business Process

Direct shipment of parcels from the seller's warehouse to a Cainiao designated overseas warehouse


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