Cross-Border Solutions

Logistics, payment, and operational support partners within the Alibaba ecosystem


Global Supply Chain

Relying on the global digital logistics and customs network, Cainiao provides a one-stop supply chain services for international merchants that seek to reach Chinese customers. For more detailed information please visit Tmall's knowledge repository

Warehousing Services

Bonded warehouses

Overseas warehouses

Bonded central warehouses

Domestic warehouses

Line-haul Shipping

B2B international transportation

B2B port-to-warehouse distribution service

Customs Affairs

Customs Clearance

Delivery Services

Delivery Services

Goods Returns

Reverse Services

Cross-Border Payment Solution

Alipay provides a full range of cross-border payment solutions for Tmall Global Merchants


Chinese consumers will make all payment in RMB via Alipay, Alibaba’s payment solutions platform. Alipay will then transfer the amount to the seller’s bank account overseas when sales reach an agreed amount for transferring (account is created with Alipay when the seller onboarded with Tmall Global). A certain percentage will be levied as service charges for the transfer. Click here to learn more about How to Register a Global Alipay Account.

Alipay Documentation

Before you start developing Alipay products and solutions, familiarize yourself with Alipay's latest documentation including developer guides, API reference, code samples, and more.

See Legacy documentation for previous versions of Alipay documentation, including product docs, APIs, and release notes on Cross-border Payment Services, Face-to-face Payment Services, and others.

Easy Onboarding Process

5 steps process to get from registration, certification, contract signing, opening a RMB account, to completion.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property protection is a critical concern for businesses that sell on Tmall Global, as it is essential to safeguard their brands and products from infringement and counterfeiting. Tmall Global takes intellectual property protection very seriously and has implemented a range of measures to help businesses protect their intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property Protection Platform

This platform provides businesses with tools and resources to help them identify and report any instances of intellectual property infringement or counterfeiting. Businesses can use the platform to file complaints and work with Tmall Global's support team to resolve any issues.

Intellectual Property Rights Team

Tmall Global also has a dedicated intellectual property rights team that works to proactively identify and prevent instances of infringement and counterfeiting. The team uses a combination of technology and manual review to identify potential infringing listings, and takes action to remove any infringing products from the platform.

Policies and Procedures

In addition to these measures, Tmall Global has also implemented a range of policies and procedures to prevent intellectual property infringement and counterfeiting. For example, Tmall Global requires all sellers to provide proof of authorization to sell branded products, and monitors product listings to ensure that they do not infringe on intellectual property rights.

Tmall Global Partners

TPs are third-party companies that have passed Tmall Global's qualification review, have both hardware and software capabilities in the e-commerce sector, and are dedicated to providing brand owners with full or partial operation services for their Tmall Global Stores. Brand owners can choose either self-operations or cooperation with TPs based on their strategic needs

Official TPs

Charging model: Fixed monthly fee + GMV-based commission

Third-Party Operation Services

Charging model: Fixed monthly fee + GMV-based commission

Third-Party Distribution Agency

Charging model: Discounts for sourcing; brand owners and TPs will negotiate who will pay marketing fees

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